Car Configurator

2019 - 2020 | Publicis Sapient

The Configurator gives potential car buyers the opportunity to completely customise their dream vehicle and is one of the most used areas of the website.
I was responsible for leading the redesign of the colour swatch & upholstery 'trays', removing superfluous text titles and increasing the number of onscreen swatches from 2 up to 18.

A key objective was to make the configurator feel much more app like - whilst always keeping it at the simple end of the software spectrum. This gives the user a sense of immediately being able to understand how it functions, whilst also provoking them to play with the different customisation options.

It was essential to make sure we struck the right balance in sizing the swatches - too big and we would only be making minor, superficial updates, but if the swatches were too small, fine details, especially those found on upholstery would be difficult to see.

We tested multiple size options on various different device types in order to get optimal column widths on key breakpoints.

If you'd like to work with me, drop me an email and let's get the ball rolling. 🙌