Motorola x Burton

Burton Open Kiosk

2007 | Liquid Digital

A digital hub for spectators and participants at the 2007 Burton European Open to view and share their photos and videos from the top of the slopes.
In the mid 2000’s the Motorola Razr reigned supreme and wasn’t just one of the best mobile phones available on the market, it was also a fashion accessory. To help make their devices must-have items, Motorola worked with numerous sportspeople, musicians and fashion brands.  

Long before smartphones took over the world people generally shared media between themselves using email or MMS 😱. To help create an engaging fan/rider experience at the 2007 Burton Open, Liquid Digital built a kiosk system that let users keep track with the latest news, images and videos from the event, as well as locate shots of themselves on the slopes, by keying in their unique bib numbers. Using the kiosk, they could quickly share their professionally shot images to their phones via Bluetooth or via email.

We designed the kiosk in keeping with the event’s identity, a mix of log cabin, plastered with board stickers. The interface elements were deliberately large, to enable easy navigation for users wearing goggles and bulky gloves.

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