Center Parcs

B2B Campaign

2011 | Golley Slater

A fun, interactive microsite that showcases the  many activities available at Center Parcs which make it a great place to host company events.
It’s common knowledge that Center Parcs offer fantastic U.K. based family holidays, but it is not as well known that their facilities can be used for businesses to host team away days. Coupled with their conference facilities, companies can make use of the vast array of onsite activities, which make much more engaging team building experiences than making structures out of dry spaghetti!

The team at Golley Slater identified that the key decision maker in identifying a location for an away day, often wasn’t the CEO or Managing Director, but much more likely to be a younger member of the team. To create cut-through against dull conference centre brochureware websites, we designed an built an interactive video experience where you could subject a virtual boss to amusing experiences, based on real activities available at Center Parcs. From kitting him out in a life vest and putting him in a canoe before chucking a bucket of water over his head, to dressing him up in army fatigues and playing laser paintball, the site created a shareable office distraction.

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